Monday, April 28, 2014

High School Play, the Wiz

On April 5th, almost a month ago, I found myself at a high school musical.  No, it wasn't any of those strange movies called movies called High School Musical that I've never related to, but was a musical called The Wiz done by the theater department of Farmington High School, Farmington IL.  It is based somewhat on The Wizard of Oz but with modern cultural references from things like Harry Potter, Titanic, and Transformers.  I don't remember my own high school's plays being anything so entertaining but maybe that's because they didn't have my amazing talent. . . although that's probably not the case.  In any case, I found the Wiz to be quite funny and took many pictures which I have converted into Gifs.  I tried to get them in order, but they're probably not perfect.


I realized I didn't really get any good gif material of the Wicked Witch, so here's a picture.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Let's Go Fly A Kite

I was randomly looking at pictures online and came across Tom Robinson's website.  The post I found most interesting at the time was this one.  It is about a kite festival in India that apparently takes place in the desert.  Seeing a huge flying whale reminds me a bit of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy where a bomb is randomly turned into a whale before falling to the ground miles below.  This guy holding his kite while wearing his sunglasses and clearly Indian garb looks awesome.  Even though I've just heard of him, you should check out more of Tom Robinson's work because it's pretty good.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Playing with Dogs and Such

This is Daisy, maybe she's dancing or something

Here she's preparing to be hit by a pillow, she started it of course

Here is Zoe, her dog

Heather brought home Tequoyah for the first time

Daisy trying to win his favor

Clearly, like most dogs, he quite likes being petted.

Life Church, St. Charles IL

These are from a "concert" of sorts that Life Church in St. Charles put on in West Aurora High School after school on Friday, March 29th.  It was really amazing how much of Jesus and real life they were able to speak to the students about.  Many testimonies were shared and many of the students came to know Jesus Christ personally.  You can scroll down the page or click on the first one and look through them in a gallery.

They had to get them excited, my friend Marty Gniech is in the middle painting Jonah and a big fish.

This is Trinity, throwing out a t-shirt.

"I Can't Hear you"

This random guy got up there and danced, Jai kept it under control.

Bella dancing.

Jai really pupping up the crowd

Glow sticks

John and Isiah

Isiah with the mike

Isiah praying for a student

Jai speaking the the students

Jai through the crowd

Jai speaking

Jai doing a wave

Bella doing some backwards dancing

Raise your hands!

A Blurful time

Worship and raising hands

Jack showing us some dance moves sitting on the stage.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sumith Mathew's Going Away Party

This is Sumith Mathew. 

He left back in February.  Brant and Dave are good friends.

Sumith likes to laugh.

Our church threw a party.  That's how Taylor here attended.

We have lots of kids at our church.

Sumith likes kids too.  I promise, he doesn't eat them.

Dave doing some awesome dancing.

Google eyes.

Some were sad at his leaving.

But he'll be back next year!