Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Struck by Disaster . . . Twice

Struck by Disaster . . . Twice


Posted on slate.com's photography blog, Behold is a story about Michael Redpath.  He was a firefighter at ground zero in 2001 after the World Trade Centers collapsed but he was also filling the role of photographer.  Now many people took pictures of the disaster but what makes Redpath's images interesting is what happened to them in his basement eleven years later.  Last year disaster struck again, this time in the form of Sandy the hurricane.  Redpath's images were affected by the water that stormed his basement creating these very interesting images.  He was waiting for it to not feel too soon to show his images but after this new development he's bringing them out to be seen.

I find it interesting how two different disasters can strike a certain area and create such an interesting set of images.  Most people might have discarded these images after being "ruined" by water but displaying them is a much more interesting way of approach. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Bicycle Ride at Night

A Bicycle Ride at Night:


I made this narrative story for another class I'm in.  It's actually a video class but this is just an audio assignment.