Monday, March 17, 2014

Time at Home

All of these gifs are from my house.  Most were just this month.

Finger back and forth

A little jawing

Yes, That was really funny.

 The Modern Man, Eating before putting away the groceries.

Putting together the Cheesecake

This is how it's done at the factory.

Some great dancing

A Little change in focus

Inside a Camera

Talking and Listening


This is about the cartoon that came out:

I like watching movies like this and Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters and Clash of the titans because they make me think of God, how He is truly all powerful and in complete control and these Greek gods aren't, are weak in comparison.

In Hercules, as a baby he is stolen out of heaven while his father Zeus sleeps.  This is completely different from Jesus who left heaven of his own accord (check this) and died of his own accord (verse).

Reminds me of Jesus when Hercules is with his earthly father when he is 18 at the market.  He knocks the whole market thing down (which is way bigger than what a tiny town seems like it would create) because of his strength.  He is then told to leave because he's too dangerous to be around normal people.  It was interesting as all the towns people pointed fingers I thought about Jesus because he himself said that a profit is never honored in his hometown.  It's not completely the same, but similar.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Birthday Movement

Birthday Movement

It was my friend Korey's 22nd birthday on Wednesday and some friends got together.  Here are some gifs of the event.  It might take a few minutes to load the page.

Birthday Man can't see the cake yet.

Cooling off the cake for the frosting

Awesome Eyebriws

WOAH the cake

I told them to explode

Thursday, March 13, 2014

It's a, little hot in here.

More Gifs

A gas stove turning on in the darkness, two candles spinning around a table, a constant hug, lighting up a dark passageway, spinning around in Haarlem, and steam from a storm sewer. Enjoy.

Yes, this is in Haarlem in The Netherlands. I was by myself at the time and set up my tripod and camera and just went for it.  I found these random seeming cement circles to be interesting so I sat and spun.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Unclaimed Baggage

If I ever go to Alabama, I'm going to go to this store. Have you ever flown and waited for your baggage forever watching bags go by that aren't yours?  Many of the bags are picked up but some don't seem to get picked up.  Eventually yours comes and you leave.  Apparently enough bags are left behind at the airports near Scottsboro, AL to create a "sprawling" store of everything from clothing to jewelry and books.  A very interesting idea for a store that has been going since 1970!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sidewalk Skater

This is my Dad in Burlington, Iowa.  Sidewalks going down a hill ending in steps are not uncommon.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Feeling Blue?

Blue is my favorite color.  I find that often I take pictures that are nearly completely blue.  Here are some examples. 

This is a glass sculpture my friend Brandon Robertson made.

Good ol' ice cream scoop.

A room the color of a peanut butter lid.

Lights dropped from a ladder.

Sadly this image isn't properly shown on Blogger.  I guess it isn't blue enough.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Both of these images were taken around 1am last winter. The picture was taken looking at a house and as it went a snow plow went in front of the house.  That's what all that yellow and orange line stuff is.  The Gif was taken by having my camera on a tripod and walking what I think was eight steps between images.  Thankfully I live on a pretty quiet street normally.  I was especially comfortable during a snowstorm.  

I like snow because it makes everything look different, all is white.  Most people seem to be sick of snow at this point in the winter and I can't say I blame them.  I think I'm ready for it to be nice and warm and green again.  But I do like these images, so it's all good.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Recently I've found that I'm photographing food quite a bit.  They say not to play with your food, but often I just can't help it.  I just like how colorful it is, but maybe I'm just hungry.  .  .  

You can look at the images in the blog with the words or click on one of them and they will fill the screen and you can use the arrow keys to see them one at a time.

Whenever I see this image I start to smell the onion

Mmm, chicken and cheese

These strawberries and blueberries were all taken the same night:

Glowing in the dark

Berry landscape

I wasn't really sure how to capture that shadow well

Spinning the berries made it more interesting

This is my roommate's pizza, I can barely handle a little bit of spice

This is a different roommates on a different day, but it's still pizza

Some friends made this.  When I go to parties I don't just photograph the people.

I cut up a lot of potatoes and carrots when I get the gumption to cook

I'd never made one of those frozen can juice things before this year so my juice was always in a clear, store-bought container instead of a pitcher.  Of course I had to play with my pineapple juice as I stirred it.

And finally, here are some cookies.  Gotta have a good dessert.  My aunt Diana made these back in January.  Both types were quite good.

May your mouth water the whole day.