Saturday, February 14, 2015

Ice Skating, January 23rd

Yes, this is Just a picture, but I didn't get a good Gif of Derek doing his cool thing

Dancing Angel

Let's get out there

Cool Dev

It was this wild until I tamed it with a few days of head grease and a hat

Hair fluffing

Trying to make Paul fall  but that's not his call

Kiran with a scarf on his leg because . . . let him tell you

Nithesh faces

Bradley Ice Standers

Sam's dancing skills

Don't worry be happy
and ice skate

High traffic area

Can't keep up with her


Girls.  Huh

Michelle not wanting to be photographed and nearly falling down

more of Sam's dancing skills

They should join the Olympics, especially that guy in the background

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mandy and Odulio Rios Wedding Gifs

Some Dancing

Alex flopping around

Look at those fake snow balls!

Flower petals!  Flower Girl!

Dance around the couple!

Leaving after some pictures

"Do Something" I said

Looking nice

Saying something with a little hop

This guy, reeling in someone

Little Samuel

Kiss the girl, Kiss the Wife

Happy Dancing

Run Away!

Getting really close

Look at that face

Serious Conversation Interruption


Happy Guys

Shoo shoo shoo

A little shaking

Synchronized dancing


It was like this, like this

Taylor Tongue