Saturday, April 30, 2016

Under the Pink Tree. Yes, we usually do more work than this.

A Perfect toss at the end 
Like a Cat to a Bird

Hmm, I'll just put this right here, Ooh!

Just dancin'

Fear Face

The "I've got pink petal boots" dance

Fancy Flying Hair

Pushy pushy
Petals Petals Petals

And More Petals

Puddle Hopper

so Serious, until. . .
What surfing looks like in Illinois

Yes ,I'm crazy 

We work with a ninja

And a crazy cat

And an accordion player



Boom (or boosh)

Yeah, I don't know either

blink 182? Is that what that means?

The gargoyle never moves

But the happy monkey does when there are no cymbals 

We be groovin'

Wings like Jordan 
"I'm going to eat your leg like a sandwich."  I didn't make that up. I'm not kidding.

Now that's balance, although she'd try to convince you otherwise.

Swish swish swish

When Stacey's forced to think inside the box

Our Fearless Leader has no clue what to make of us.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Times of Spring

I'm Tracking

Someday DSLR usage while driving might be explicitly illegal. . . 

The knowing smile.

She's really not that scary.  Except I've never actually seen her mad. . .

Happy smile. Hair messin'

I think he really liked it.

Magic coat trick


Little Hat job extermination threat

Why I don't work for the electric company

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cool Guy, Building Bizarre, Tree Escapes

Dev's a Cool Guy

Mandy's not usually that scary

Falling Upside-down

From Within


Water Attack

More Water in the face

Building bizarrre

Happy Little Train