Saturday, December 27, 2014

Chi Alpha Christmas Party 2014 Five (5)

Coco flying in front of Amanda, Sarah, and Sam

Daisy just knocking that hat off Paul's head

Dev looking cool

Just one of the many group pictures

The Faces

The suspenders

The Hat, a little peek above

Paul getting in front of Daisy and Korey

Group Selfie, Not Selfish at all!

Oh Man!

Chi Alpha Christmas Party Four (4)

Drum Roll Please!

Amanda Pointing at Sam's book, right into Taylor's interest

Singing Carols

Indian dancing

Nithesh's awesome dance moves

Hey Guys, look at this book!

Ravi Looking Good

Popcorn Taylor and Kyle

In and Out, Christmas Tree

The Bradley Undergrad Students exploding after a group picture
Jackie has some bouncy hair!

Ravi and Sai Krishna really dancing it up!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Chi Alpha/Hilltop Christmas Party Gifs, Episode Three

Talking with the Hands

Look at that bouncy hair

Sisters, Taking Him Out

Taking a Seat

Thoughtful Conversation

But you just Have to




Pose two

Crabwalker Paul 
Taylor drinking Coke at the high school dance, in the 50's

Eyebrows Two

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Poses and Coke Bottles, Christmas Party Gifs, After the Appetizer

Ok, so I called this "after the appetizer" because I gave you only one gif of Paulio, which I guess was the appetizer and this is the salad, or something.  

Falling Star!

Team Kick!

Splits and cool hair

Super Jacket

The Crabwalker

Spin with Mandy

Big Boy pop drinker