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This is a 19 minute exposure. I took it at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri after three attempts. My first attempt was out of focus and too high, my second attempt I got good exercise while my concerned uncle "helped" and the third attempt I got this image. I got it by swimming and waving a waterproof flashlight back and forth just under the water's surface.

I made this image of a tomato using 240 different pictures that all use painting with light.

Manipulated image on accident.  My weather resistant camera got water in it the night before from the rain. 

This is an HDR image of flowers in the spring on a brick road in Burlington, IA, where I grew up.

This is a forest of incredibly tall pine trees in a forest in Austria.  I painted individual trees with light.

Here is a non-rectangular panorama that has two "ups"

A friend and I dug this tunnel into a large pile of snow and I took this picture afterwards.

This image is called "Only Opens at Night" because the cactus flower only opens at night for
a few nights before falling off.  

On top of a log

Just a Tinge of Color

This picture I took using a waterproof flashlight moved back and forth under the water.


Beautiful Spring. I loved the colors of this crab tree, but only for one month. This is two images, one of the tree detail, another of the petals in the air. 

No, I didn't climb under a train for this. I was only sort of under it at the end, and it was stopped of course.

Train Bridge

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