Sunday, May 13, 2018

Camera Sniper, Seeds, Why This?

Camera Sniper 
Flight of the Wispy Seeds

I don't understand why this ridiculousness.


After too many pictures the smile emerges

Do you want to dance?

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Sledding and Many Other Things

Blinking Bridge

Eye Dilation

Oh So Funny 
Happy Serious



Brace For Impact with Cool Hair

Getting Some Air

Glitter Snow


Sledding Uphill

Populating the Driveway

Sepia Snowfall

The Sledding Ramp


Plowing Through

Monday, January 1, 2018

Winter Time

Beautiful Winter Sunset, Farmdale Reservoir 

Unwanted Car Interaction

Unwanted Earfinger Interaction

The Full Process

Dancing Anticipation Fingers

The Rectangle Reveal

Sugary Pour

Bridge at Night

Bridge during the Day

Through the Ice

Traveling at Night

Building Shadows

Winter Street Crossing

Baby, It's Cold Outside 
There's a Building Chasing me

Wary of Pants

Smile for the Camera

Remote Possibilities 

Shirt change

While on the South Side, or the West, whatever

Slight Stacey Shrug  

This place is GREAT!

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

More Than A Spark of Fun

Dancing in the road like there's no traffic

Bird Flap



True Snow Removal 

Who's back there? Come out with your hands up!

I'm watching you.

Lookin' around

Presentation is Key

Amazing Moves

Who needs a dance floor?

Just shaking this dead plant.

Personal Dance Off

Help I've Fallen But I Can Get Up

Snow Dog

Falling Family "I Think I've broken something!"
Blue Spruce Abuser 

Just a Sprinkle on this one.

Dancing down the drive

Snow Exchange with an unclear winner

We know you're back there! Heeey!

I may look calm . . 

But look at what I'm doing to this tree!

More Amazing moves