Sunday, November 30, 2014


I had a request for my autograph, so here it is (my first attempt).

Cell Group Part 2, (Small Gifs)

Give a little wave


Little feather hair

Eyebrow sisters

Hide the eyes

Pre-Dance Freakout

Sausage in the hand and the mouth

Matching leather jackets

After a Laugh


What Me?


Flatten that hair


Bang Bang Bang


Ice Cream bite

Raving Ol Maurice

Monday, November 24, 2014

Cell Group

On November 21st the cell groups at the Hollies (I mean, the Fisk's) and Ruby's combined.  I, obviously, took a lot of pictures.  There was this particular game that involved shooting that created a lot of gifs.

Bang Bang

Sockable Fashion

Holly Faces

The Chacha?

Sophisticated Pizza

Up and down

Like grass in the wind

Brotherly love

big marshmallow coat

Justice taking his shot

Hosanna taking her shot

Peeking during the yawn

Happy Clapping

Mercy taking her shot  "Bang"

Nithesh chowing down

Stolen Ice cream and a friend

Jose got taken down

Yes, the Three Little Piggies had to be demonstrated

A little hair flip

Gotta throw the head down to laugh, that's the key

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Durian, King of Fruits

Durian is an Asian fruit that is covered in spikes, smells really badly, and could be used as a weapon in a fix.  I hadn't heard of the fruit until just before going to this low-key party with this guy:

The durian we had wasn't fresh (so it didn't smell as bad) but I was ok with that.  

Look at those spikes

Here I am taking a bite of this strange fruit

Here is Chausa, our host and durian provider, pulling open the fruit.

Knives are fun.

Taking his little bite

Keith didn't really think it was all that bad. But it still wasn't fresh.

More touching of the dangerous outer shell

Yes, the night ended with karaoke and shoot around, but I don't have gifs of that.

And here are some pictures of snow in flashlight beams. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Older Gifs, December 2012, 2011

Sitting at OneThing

T'Lonna and Amanda

Hosanna on her bicycle

This is the only one from 2011, Marty and the hats

Fly away lantern

Greg and Ondrey, shoot that fly