Saturday, November 8, 2014

Harvest Time, Longer gifs!

Amy showing her stuff, by falling on the bounce house

Karthik has got my attention

Happy little group picture

Anna and Dana showing us how it's done.  Sorry for the disco lights, those fluorescents!

walking fingers

Jason, the serious horse rider

Popcorn guys

Jaqui showing us her dance moves

Hosanna sneezing something rather large

Hosanna and the leaf paper

Group scramble

Group Explosion

More of that awesome dancing by Korey, even his tongue gets involved!

All those guys showing their stuff, into the bounce house they go!

Were you photographing us?

Walking and dancing

There is a Season for everything, especially awesome hat swirling.

Super Karthik

Sai Krishna foot swirl

Yep, they're married

Sam catching that football

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