Friday, March 17, 2017

The Things I Own: small Vornado heater

This is my Vornado heater. I have a long-standing habit of laying down in front of a heater. Soon after adding a second decimal to the number that described my age I started sleeping down in our furnished basement on a sleeping bag with my feet on the front of a dehumidifier. It was nice and warm for my feet. I moved to sleeping in front of of space heater, one of those boxy gray Patton ones that looked like it could catch on fire. I say that because . . . it did. In fact, I was attached to that $20 heater enough to "fix" it for a short while before finally replacing it with this Vornado. Yes, it left burn marks on the inside of it's gray shell and I decided it was too much of a fire hazard. 

So now I own this little Vornado. It is a bit expensive for a small heater (~$75) but well worth it for me. It is advertised as having such a powerful fan it pushes the air all around the room and really it works quite well at doing this. It feels like the vent in your house blowing gentle, warm air at you but you can keep it on whenever you want and move it around. This little heater is also quite safe. It has a little button on the bottom that will shut it off if tipped and the grill is pretty tight. Three heat levels. It's a pretty nice heater and keeps me warm.

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